Our History

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Garrett and Company is celebrating over 108 years of business. In 1915, Otis Garrett started the business by buying, selling and trading anything and everything from property and mineral rights to jewelry.

The business that began with Otis is far different today than it was all of those years ago. Garrett and Company has diversified its holdings into more than a dozen subsidiaries, making it a company that can withstand today’s turbulent economic times.

After WWII, Dick Garrett, Otis’s son, added Garrett and Company Insurance to their growing list of subsidiaries. The insurance company stabilized the overall holdings against volatility that sometimes faces real estate and oil and gas markets.

Dick’s sons, Steve, Pat and Mike, joined the business in 1972 and manage the company’s wide variety of holdings. The brothers continue the family tradition of growing the core businesses while leaving their own marks through new business ventures.

Today, Garrett and Company has approximately 100 employees and is involved in residential and commercial property, construction and housing, property development, oil and gas, manufacturing and insurance.

“We are proud to have worked with so many good people in Oklahoma for so many years,” said William “Pat” Garrett.

“In our 108th year of business, it is exciting to see the fourth generation of family members learn the different aspects of the business and prepare themselves to become the leaders of the company. We look toward the future and are excited to continue growing in this great state for generations to come.

Meet the Team