Garrett and Company was the original company started in 1915 and since Garrett and company has expanded into many diverse holdings. Several of the Garrett’s and their many partners help manage many of our different and diverse businesses.

Garrett and Company Resources

Garrett and Company Resources is involved in mineral acquisition and participation in non-operated wells.

Gulf Pipelines

Operates 4 miles of regulated pipeline in Oklahoma County as well as 4 miles of non-regulated pipeline in Atoka and Harper Counties.  Tontz Cooper Map Deep Fork Map Brochure

Merit Homes Construction

Merit Homes Construction is a premier home building company, primarily building homes in the Edmond area. We specialize in turnkey homes ranging from 2200-3200 sqft homes. Merit Homes is one of the few builders that also specializes in ICF construction and also does commercial ICF construction for churches, schools and other municipal structures.